8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) III GWAC Solers Research Group Team, LLC

Contract Number: 47QTCB22D0677
CAGE Code: 8PG46
Contract Ordering Period: July 2022 – July 2029
Program Manager: Thomas Wilson

For more information, visit the GSA website at www.gsa.gov/STARS3 or view the 8(a) STARS III Brochure.

View the STARS III Brochure

GSA STARS III is a Best-In-Class vehicle that provides the government access to firms that specialize in emerging technologies.

Download the SRGT-LLC capabilities

Solers Research Group Team, LLC (SRGT-LLC) is a proud recipient of the GSA 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) III Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle. Through STARS III, agencies can access SRGT-LLC through this established contract vehicle.

Benefits of 8(a) STARS III:

• Directed Awards: Task orders up to $4.5 million
• No protests on orders under $10 million
• Pre-competed, easy-to-use contract with streamlined ordering procedures based on FAR 16.505
• FFP, T&M, labor-hour or a hybrid blend
• Rapid Awards
• Demonstrated experience in IT, emerging technology
• Small-disadvantaged business (SDB) credit

SRGT-LLC Capabilities include but are not limited to:

• 3D Modeling and Gaming
• Cloud Virtualization/Engineering
• Curriculum Development
• Cyber Security
• Desktop Image Management
• Directory, Authentication & Account Management
• Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
• Home Directory and Profile Support Services
• System Maintenance
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support Services